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ATM Encoded Mag Cleaning Cards with Mag Stripes

ATM Encoded Mag Cleaning Cards with Mag Stripes

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  • Individually sealed cleaning card
  • Non-woven fabric with high absorbency
  • Contains highly pure IPA
  • Pack size x 20 cards


Product Description


This kind of cleaning card is specially designed for cleaning ATM with shutter and other closed reading system. It can be smoothly inserted into any brands ATMs. Once inserted, it will clean the magnetic heads, card pathways, transport belts and rollers. It can be used as an emergency maintenance product after card reader failures, and also used as a regular maintenance product to prevent card reader failures.Product

ATM with shutter such as NCR ATMs, WINCOR NIXDORF ATMs, DIEBOLD ATMs, TRITON ATMs, OMRON ATMs, HITACHI ATMs ETC. CDM/CRS and other multifunctional bank-info terminals or Other closed reading systems


  • Single-sided pre-saturated and individually sealed cleaning card
  • Cleaning layer is a non-woven fabric with high absorbency, which absorbs the cleaning solution
  • Cleaning solution contains highly pure IPA, so the card can quickly and effectively remove the contaminants of ATMs and card readers
  • Pack size x 20 Cards
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