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Gaming Reader (IDSB-3XXX-XX-XXXXX-XX Series)

Gaming Reader (IDSB-3XXX-XX-XXXXX-XX Series)

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  • Size: 3.49 x 2.36 x 1.00 inches (L x W x H)
  • Interfaces: TTL, USB, RS232
  • ID TECH’s Gaming Reader is a manually-operated, partial insert reader
  • Available in Mag only or Smart Card only

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Product Description

Product Code: IDSB-3XXX-XX-XXXXX-XX Series

ID TECH’s Gaming Reader is a manually-operated, partial insert reader. The Gaming Reader supports single, dual or triple track magnetic heads for reading magnetic media with short fields of encoded data that complies with ISO 7810 and 7811 standards. The Gaming Reader is designed to be used in environments that create high levels of Electro-Static Discharge (ESD). Its proprietary design removes ESD from the card surface when the card is inserted. The stainless steel roller design is implemented to avoid card scratching issues that are commonly found in various applications. The bezel, chassis, and read-head are vandal resistant. There is also a large debris slot to allow foreign material to fall through for jam-proof operation.


Available in Mag only or Smart Card only
Bezel options compatible with industry standard mounting options
Roller head mount reduces card scratching
Capability of lengthening the insertion depth – two options
ESD immunity option for applications prone to ESD discharge
Reads up to three tracks of magnetic stripe data
Excellent noise immunity and reading of real-world cards
Landing style contacts with embedded MiniSmart
Lighted bezel option
Proven and tested to last a minimum of one million cycles
Card present switch
Available in RS-232, TTL, and USB interfaces



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